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  1. Read this full article you can also earn ₹10 per joining and ₹5 per refer. Also, you can earn money by completing many tasks on this App.

Benefito App Not Giving money now – Try This App


What exactly is Benefito?
It’s simply everything you ever wished for…
From coupons to great deals and terrific discounts we have it all!

What exactly Benefito does?
It brings you exclusive coupons for many major sites and apps, our large database brings you daily deals that are sure to bring a smile on your face and wallet.

SAN Points- Daily reward points, which user can earn by just exploring the app for the defined time period.

Are there any other benefits?
Of course, you get free vouchers coupons and Paytm money equal to benefits of almost Rs. 8000

Then there is the TRY section wherein you get all the apps which although are not rewarding but are sure to make your phone even smarter and efficient

Can I refer it to my friends and family?

Yes, definitely and you get additional benefits for doing that! So bring along as many friends as you wish.

What else is there?

We bring you some other apps as well which are helpful and rewarding and if you download them you will get additional benefits as well

And there’s a lot more in store so join in and let your mobile start earning for you.

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Benefito App Not Giving money now – Try this


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