Google Chrome’s next update will come with one important feature that most users will appreciate: The option for blocking autoplay videos, which start on their own and often leave the user confused as to where exactly the sound is coming from. Google Chrome’s version 66 will include changes to autoplay videos and although this was supposed to roll out with the Chrome 64 update from January, it will now come with the newer update.

Google’s crusade to make the internet slightly less annoying continues in the next update for the Chrome browser as autoplay videos with sound will be blocked by default. Once you update to Chrome version 66 (the latest official build of the browser is version 65), Google says that autoplay media will only be allowed if it won’t play sound, if the user interacts with the site, or if the user “has previously shown an interest in media on the site.”

he changes were originally slated for Chrome 64 which debuted in January but will arrive in version 66.

“This will allow autoplay to occur when users want media to play, and respect users’ wishes when they don’t. These changes will also unify desktop and mobile web behavior,

making web media development more predictable across platforms and browsers,” Google said in a statement last year making its intentions for the annoying feature.


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