Reliance promised their Jio phone users that they will be able to use WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps by August 15. On August 15, users enjoyed the benefits of all these apps except Whatsapp.The company said on August 15 that Jio Phone users will be late in getting WhatsApp. According to the company, there was a delay in the arrival of WhatsApp due to KaiOS on the Jio Phone.Because they think before launch Whatsapp on Jio Phone a test is necessary.

Did you get whatsapp?

Slowly Whatsapp is being rolled out for Jio phone. It may be for test, whether it is working correctly or not. At the moment, some users are getting whatsapp on the Jio Phone and hopefully WhatsApp will be available for all users in the coming 3 to 4 weeks.Though there is no official timeline yet on this. If Whatsapp is available for your Jio phone then know how to download:

  • Open the Kaios store from your Jio phone and search for whatsapp.
  • If you get whatsapp then download it on your phone.
  • After downloading, create your account by opening it.
  • For OTP you have to enter your phone number.
  • Submit the OTP to register your number. After this your setup process will be completed.

Now Google, Facebook and Google Maps are available for all users on the Jio phone.According to Jio now only some users will get the most popular messaging app and the remaining users will have to wait a little.

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