Reliance Jio has given a amazing offer for its Prime members. The telecom giant has given the Prime members another year of Jio Prime membership for 100% free. Lets know how to extend your Jio Prime Membership for free, step by step.

This means that people who are already a member of the Jio Prime can get the additional services by the telco like extra data, free access to Jio apps and more. However, this time as well, the Jio Prime comes with a validity period of a year. This time as well, the prime membership starts from April 1 and will go up to March 31, 2019. For existing Jio Prime members, in order to get another year of complimentary membership from Reliance Jio, all you need to do is to follow these steps.

Step 1. Existing Jio Prime members can avail the extension via MyJio app. In case, you don’t have the app download it on your device.

Step 2. After downloading the MyJio app, users will have to sign-in with either SIM card or with their Jio account.

Step 3. After successfully signing in, Jio users will get a top banner within the app that will say, “Congratulations! Extend Jio Prime for a year, Free.” The banner also has a ‘Get now’ icon which users will have to hit.


Step 4. On hitting Get now, MyJio app will take existing Prime members to the next page

that says “Jio Prime is getting bigger, you are a valued Jio Prime member. And we are extending one full year’s subscripton absolutely free for you.” This particular page will have all you Jio numbers listed which will mean that you can extend one year Jio Prime subscription for multiple Jio numbers.

Step 5. Tap on Proceed and the app will take you to the next page that says ‘Request raised successfully.’ Jio basically is registering existing users for the extension and considering, the company has said that this is a limited period offer. Jio Prime members who fail to claim the extension may be asked to pay Rs. 99 for the membership.


Step 6. The page will read a message that will say, “Your request to avail free Jio Prime membership for a year had been registered successfully. We will get back to you shortly.”

Benefits under Jio Prime membership :

There are many benefits if you enrol in the Jio Prime membership. One, you will be able to get free access to Jio array of applications such as: JioCinema, JioMusic, JioTV and more. Reliance Jio stresses on the promise that they will provide 20-50 per cent more value to Jio Prime users. Reliance Jio in their press release said: “Jio deeply values its loyal PRIME members and will continue to deliver additional benefits and superior value to these founding members. The continued availability of the Jio Prime Membership to new subscribers reiterates Jio’s commitment to deliver a differentiated Digital Life experience to Indians and will propel this into the world’s largest loyalty programme.”


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