How To Share Hotspot Using Wi-Fi? Wifi and Hotspot Same Time 😱

How To Create Hotspot on a Wifi Network

Hello guys, I hope you enjoying our Tips & Tricks related posts, in this article I will simply explain a very cool trick where you can share your phone’s hotspot using a Wifi network. Its very easy you don’t need to root your phone you can use hotspot and wifi at the same time.

When your phone is connected to any wifi network then, can we share our hotspot with our friends? If you read our post fully then you can also know how to create a hotspot network even when you’re connected to wifi. When you use a wifi network it is not possible to create a hotspot network using that wifi. Because our phone doesn’t allow this feature, But when we use the internet with mobile data on our phone Then, we can easily share our hotspot with our friends. But is it possible when we use WiFi ? can we share hotspot with our friends? Yes, it is possible, for this you need to install an application on your phone. If you want to share your hotspot when your phone is connected any wifi network follows my instructions step by step.

Follow the Step Below

1. At first, open google play store & search NetShare application. Download the application In that mobile you are doing Wi-Fi & that’s mobile you share wifi Hotspot for both mobiles you need to install this application.

2. After installation is done open it on that mobile already connected to the wifi network.

3. Now you can see the START WI-FI NETWORK click there & now you find an SSID network and a password.

4. Next, open the other mobile wifi & search. Now you can see the same SSID open it & write the same password.

5. Next, you see the okay button>>click the button & your wifi network will be connected.


The best thing about this app is when you use it, the two phones will be connected to the same wifi network but the network speed is no reduced. I hope you guys like this method. Personally, this application is very helpful for me & I hope you use this method & surprise to your friends. Guys if you have any questions then comment below

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