Paytm Bug Found, Get Rs.60 Free Recharge. Hurry!

Paytm gives 30 Free recharge for their new users, users have to use Promo code FIRST and they will get 30 cashback after recharge. but today this FIRST and THIRD two promo codes have been used on old Paytm accounts too.

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How to Avil:

1. open Paytm app.
2. click on paytm prepaid option.
3. enter amount.
4. apply promocodes one by one.
5.  FIRST or ZGFIRST and then THIRTY, promocode working on old accounts too . Grab fast
6. get 100% cashback upto 30.
7. apply both promocode in the same account and get 30+30 = 60 rs recharge free
8. Working Both Promo Code in the same Account
Specific Old Account / which is not used from many days

  • If FIRST Promo code not working Try use ZGFIRST

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  • Check your account now if you also get this bug on your account let me know in comments below.
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