If you are also an new user, then this news is important to you. Paytm has given a big blow to the Reserve Bank of India. RBI has banned Paytm Payment Bank from adding new users. While issuing the directive, the RBI said that paytm Payment Bank has stopped enrolling new customers with immediate effect. In fact, during the audit of Paytm Payment Bank, there was objection to some things, after which the order was issued. Paytm has stopped adding new customers immediately after the RBI order.

The new customer is not adding the Paytm.

According to the news of the Paytm Business News Mint, no new customer was found,during the audit of RBI, there were some objectionable things in the Paytm payment, after which the order was issued that they stopped enlisting the new user. It is believed that according to the guidelines of RBI, a banker will head the Paytm Bank. However, according to Paytam’s employee, Renu had joined this post in May 2017, which was approved by RBI only.

One 97 will be different from Paytm Payment Bank

According to reports, the company has been ordered to split Paytm brand owned

company One97 Communications by Paytm Payment Bank. This is so that the financial data of users can be properly protected and kept correctly in order.

KYC disturbances

In fact, the RBI found fault in the process of adding customers to the Paytm Payment Bank in their audit. After this, Paytm was questioned in this matter, and the RBI banned new users from enrolling. In the investigation, the RBI found that the KYC of the new user is disturbed, after which Paytm payment bank has stopped banning new subscribers from June 20.

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