How To Read Any Book Using Android Phone? Android OCR Full Tutorial

Guys today I will share with you how to read books using any smartphone. If you are a student then, this method is very helpful for you. Actually, in this method, you can convert any photo into text. And the application I will share with you one of the best applications for reading books. Not only students this application very important for those people who love read books. It’s doesn’t matter what language the book is written? If you never tried it then, you don’t realize. How important this method for you?

The technology is called Optical character recognition (OCR) it identifies the characters from any image and converts into a select-able text that can be copied or share. I personally use this app to read any books in a few minutes.

How To Read Boks Using Smartphone: 

1. First, open your google play store and search text fairy.

2. Now install the application. The app size is only 23 MB.

3. When the installation is done open the application. And allow all permission application wants to access you.

4. Now you can see download your language option. Click and download all the languages that you need to read.

5. Now you can see the top of your mobile screen right sight two options camera and gallery. If you want to convert any text from an existing image then click the gallery and if you want to convert text from a book then click the camera. Actually the application will scan your photos.

6. When you click a picture, then crop the exact point that you want to convert photos to text.

7. Now, wait a little bit of time because the scanning process needs some time. When the scanning is done now you can see your photo completely convert into text.

8. Now you can copy the text and share it everywhere.

9. If you want to listen your text, you can click on the speaker icon. Click and listen to your text.

10. One important thing is if you want to convert your text in other languages. Then you can download google translate application from google play store. This is the best way to convert any text into other languages.

You can watch Hindi Video Tutorial about this topic


I hope this photo to convert the text method is very helpful for you. Personally, my English is not better but this application is very helpful for me. Because this method also helped me a lot. If you are bad at reading English like me then this is the best way to improve your spoken and reading skills.  You can share this post with your friends. If you have any problems using this app then please comment below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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